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Onboarding Guide

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This guide explains our implementation process once a client is signed with Productfy. Our goal is to get clients through the onboarding process as quickly as possible. Depending on what products are being implemented, there are a number of setup tasks that need to be completed either by you, by Productfy engineering, by Productfy compliance, or by our partner bank. You will be assigned a team of onboarding specialists from Productfy to help you through the process.

Onboarding project overview

The basic phases of onboarding are as follows:

  • Due Diligence
  • Platform and Program Setup
  • Integration and Launch
    • Certification
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • General Availability

What to expect

Due Diligence

The first phase of onboarding is to collect your business information to fulfill Know-Your-Business (KYB) requirements, such as Registration Information, Business Description, Beneficial Owners etc. In addition, we'll conduct a thorough review of your program, including the flow of funds. Both of these items will be reviewed by the Productfy Compliance team and the Bank Partner.

Platform and Program Setup

The Productfy client services, engineering, and compliance teams will help set up the structure of the program, including your QA and Production environments, as well as the Program Disclosures (Cardholder Agreements for example, Both Productfy and our Bank Partner will also review sign off on your UI/UX.

Integration and Launch

During the integration phase, you will be developing and integrating your solution against our APIs and designing your UI/UX. When the Program Disclosures are available, you'll include those into your UI to Customers can accept the terms of the program.


During the Certification phase, we will ask you to complete a number of integration tests to ensure that your Program is working as designed. This includes funding accounts and performing test transactions.


The Alpha testing phase gives you scope to increase your testing and involve more internal users. You will be able to issue more accounts and debit cards, to make sure your Program is ready for public consumption.


Beta is designed to give you flexibility on an initial public rollout. We typically recommend F&F and early waitlisted users. We are here to fully support you during this phase.

General Availability

Integration, check. Disclosures, check. Initial customer testing, check. You are now ready for prime time! We will support your GA launch and our teams will be ready to help provide any support you need, including our Compliance as a Service function.

How to get launched quickly

You are in control of a number of things that can help your onboarding process go quickly. Here are some tips and things to watch out for to help save time:

  • Be responsive - when there are forms or questionnaires to be filled out, the sooner you get those back to us the sooner you can go live.
  • Use Productfy standards - we try to define standard limits, disclosures and product functionality that fall within legal and compliance boundaries we are used to. While we are open to deviating from our standards in cases where it makes sense, this adds time to the implementation process.
  • Have a clearly defined product in mind to launch - A lot of time can be lost if clients are still trying to figure out what their product should be. If at all possible, define a clear ‘minimum viable product’ to launch with, and then implement additional functionality with us in future phases once you have a product in market.
  • Have polished designs of your application ready to go - The UI review can extend the timeline if the UI is not fully thought out and a lot of changes are needed.
  • Start on your technical integration early - You can start building to our APIs now in our public sandbox. Our engineering support team is available to help answer questions (go to for help). This will only speed things up when you get your own QA and Prod environments and need to go through our certification process.

Service levels

Below are the service levels Productfy commits to based on the priority of the issue:

PriorityDefinitionHours SLA AppliesInitial Response TimeFollow-up time
P0Complete service failure24 X 730 min.3 hours
P1Impaired service24 X 71 hour4 hours
P2Reduced performanceBusiness hours3 hours1 business day
P3Standard priorityBusiness hours1 business day2 business days
P4Low priorityBusiness hours2 business days3 business days


  • Business hours are 9:00 AM EST - 8:00 PM EST / 6:00 AM PST - 5:00 PM PST
  • All client identified P0 or P1 issues should be communicated by emailing
  • All client identified P2-P4 issues should be communicated by emailing
  • All P0 and P1 issues identified by Productfy will be communicated within the given response and follow-up times
  • Response times for P2-P4 are based on the time time a client communication is received