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Account Linking


Enable users to link their financial accounts so they can initiate ACH money movement with them, or for you to retrieve bank data (e.g. balances, transactions, APR's) on their accounts. This flow starts by calling Get Yodlee FastLink Configuration and then displaying the Yodlee account linking widget (more info here:

To initiate ACH transactions with a third party linked account, the account must be validated through Instant Account Verification (IAV) or manually via Micro-Deposit Verification (MDV). See our Account Linking Implementation Guide for more detail. For the purposes of testing in non-production environments, any micro-deposit value less than $.10 will result in a valid micro-deposit verification.

To retrieve third party bank data on a linked account, you can use the FinSight Profile API to retrieve users' financial data including account, balance, and transactions.

Get Yodlee FastLink Configuration

Retrieve data to initialize the Yodlee FastLink widget. It is recommended to use the Yodlee FastLink widget because it makes several API calls to help automate your account linking implementation.

The accessToken returned by this Yodlee API expires after 30 minutes.

Consult a support person before you call this operation.

Save Yodlee FastLink Result

After a user completes the Yodlee FastLink widget flow, the account data must be saved to Productfy using one of the APIs below depending on if the user is a Person or Organization. Note, for person IDs, you must set linkWithYodlee to true when creating the person ID.

  • For Person:

  • For Organization:

Register Organization With Yodlee

If your app is onboarding businesses as customers, these customers must be created on Productfy as Organizations and if they want to link accounts must be registered with Yodlee prior to actually linking the bank account. First, create an organization in the Productfy system then provide the organizationId in this API call to register with Yodlee.

Account Linking Status

After the Yodlee FastLink widget flow is complete, the account link may be in varying statuses from fully linked, partially linked to not linked at all. Use this API to check the status of the account link. Note - it may take between 1-15 minutes for Yodlee to fully link an account once the user submits their information through the widget. The boolean values returned will guide the next steps of the flow you should present to users. If all values are false but there is an accountID returned, that means the account is fully linked and no further steps are needed.

Add Routing & Account Numbers

If the Account Linking Status API returns an accountID but has needAccountNumber and needRoutingNumber as true, then the account has been partially added. You will need to ask the user to input the Routing Number and Account Number for their bank account and save it to Productfy with this API before initiating micro-deposits.

Save External Account

If the Account Linking Status API does not return an accountID, this means no account has been added via Yodlee and you will need to create it from scratch using this API. You'll need to ask the user to input the account number and routing number and save the account to Productfy using this API. The account must be associated with a login, person, or organization on the Productfy system. It is not possible to retrieve transaction history on external accounts as they are only used for ACH money movement. Note, this API only supports accounts of the following types: checking, savings, money market, loan.

Initiate Micro-Deposits

Initiate micro-deposit verification for any saved external account. It will take 1 business day or less for two amounts to show up at the third party financial institution. Also we will automatically initiate withdrawals for the micro-deposit amounts.

Verify Micro-Deposit

Verify the amount of micro-deposit transfers initiated on an external account. You must wait 3 hours after the micro-deposit transfer is initiated to be able to verify the amounts. Micro-deposit verification is invalidated after five failures. Micro-deposits do not expire.

In testing environments, any amount less than $0.10 can be considered valid for micro-deposit verification.

Remove Financial Account

Deletes a third-party (Yodlee-linked) financial account from the system. This will remove the account and all associated transactions from Yodlee. This is a permanent operation that cannot be reversed. NOTE: Do not use this to delete virtual accounts.

Verify External Link

Use this API to set a financial account on the Productfy system to Verified, so it can be used for ACH money movement. This API is used if you are using account linking services outside of Productfy to establish trusted links on the Productfy system. Note - use of this API requires configuration by Productfy, work with your Productfy representative to ensure you are enabled to use this.