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Productfy’s web service API is built on GraphQL. This allows you to access vast amounts of data, usually in a single API call, and have full control of what data you want to retrieve.

There are two major endpoints to the API:

  • /graphql/api/public that requires no authentication
  • /graphql/api/authenticated that requires an authentication token. Access to this endpoint requires a valid session key.

Since you are viewing this documentation in without signing in, you can only access our public API routes.

If you have been provisioned your own custom API subdomain, then you do not need to pass in the headers, as they are automatically populated on every call.

In each of the following GraphQL sections, you’ll find our GraphQL Query Builder tool, which not only helps you construct the appropriate query, but also allows you to execute it and see the response. You can also export the query into an HTTP JSON or cURL request and see the payload (especially on how to pass in the session key for API’s that require authentication). Whenever feasible, we’ve populated the queries with reasonable parameters.

Finally, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at